• IDEFA - Interior Design & Furniture Fair

    IDEFA - Interior Design & Furniture Fair

    15 November 2017, Wednesday

    Antalya Expo Center - Antalya/TURKEY

Design for Life...

Interiors... Furnitures and Accessories... Design of Spaces...
Esthetics, lifestyle, harmony and comfort are important elements in the private spaces all of human life.

Designers, interior architects, decorators, practitioners, furniture industry...
Professionals who reflect their designs and concepts to lifestyles designed in the interior, present and offer products to home and facility users.

Capital of national and international tourism. The gigantic market of increasingly modern urbanism, consisting of thousands of new houses. The most important center of the "contract furniture" market with periodic interior renovation of tourism facilities.

30.000 ready visitor...
For 25 years, YAPEX in the Antalya Expo Center, has a professional visitor collection which constitutes highly qualified and high business potential which regularly visit the conceptual fairs of architecture.

We bring all together at the IDEFA Interior Design and Furniture Fair on 15-18 November 2017. We will spread the potential of great synergies and business development to the design world, furniture industry, investors and users all over the city with "Antalya Design Week" events.
We invite you to take place in this great meeting of DESIGN and FURNITURE INDUSTRY.

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