Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Notary Man!

In a notary’s dream there are lenders instead of sheep, papers instead of monsters and pens instead of spoons. When the sun is up a notary’s life is far simpler to you and me, but for them it is still somewhat related to their dreams in how they help people. Once their feet hit the floor they are ready to go, cunning and eager to sign and sing.

It may be hours before a notary is called for a signing, but they know that that comes with the job and patience is a virtue. Some mobile notaries take up jobs like superman, in order to hide their identity as notary extraordinaire. But it is not lost on most people as mobile notaries have a demeanor unlike ordinary people and their sudden disappearance to sign docs is all too real. Will they return? Will they get paid? These are all questions that go unanswered as the notary faces his task at hand.

Once in the car the notary is ready to print the docs on the printer in his car. On the road contemplation is a normal condition that sits in for many notaries. But they do not let them get distracted from their ultimate goal of signature and closing.

Once the notary is at the borrower’s house he is ready to sit down with the signers and witness their identity and signature on the docs at hand. If all goes as planned from his contemplation car ride, the notary is ready to go and send the docs back to the lender who he had seen jumping over the moon in his dream that night. He then sends the documents via FedEx back to the lender, and the notary is finished. A job well doneĀ notary west lake hills

Sometimes the lenders are the villains in this story in that it is there responsibility to pay our hero. That is not always the case and they decide the hero should do it for free. Other lenders are valiant and courageous and pay in 2 weeks. These are the lenders notaries like to work with, but beggars can’t be choosers and the notary goes back to his normal life and dreams where one day he is in a world where he will get paid on time and that his life as notary hero would never end. Thanks Notary Hero..

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